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Winter Restock- Coming Soon
Winter Restock is Coming! Dec 6/7th :D Mark your Calenders!

It's getting a little frigid here in the Windy City, and we're finally reaching snow flurry temperatures... but here in the land of the Closet Monsters, the ground is already blanketed with snow and a variety of polar animals have been sighted! Keep an eye out for a bunch of new wintry animals next week. :D

Then, the Grand Opus hits early January. These Limited Edition Sets will be made avail available for pre-order a week after the designs are released and will close after a set number of orders have been places (We're thinking no more of five of each set). Static dates will be posted closer to the release.

And, PKF patterning will commence in mid-January!


NOTICE: If you plan to commission a hat, and require delivery FOR Christmas, please direct yourself to my commission thread! I have limited slots currently available and a bit of a wait list, but please don't be afraid to drop me a mail. I will do my best to get everyone their prezzies for Christmas. (Late commissions may require upgraded shipping to make it home by Dec 24th).

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