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Minor Set Back
I jammed my hand a few days ago and the pain has been killing me lately, making it a bit hard to work on things. I really hope this clears up soon.

- All Etsy orders through Nov 1st. have been dispatched.
- Etsy orders made Nov. 2nd - Nov 4th will be mailed out Friday.
- My final commission will hopefully go out either Friday or Saturday (but like I said my hand is KILLING me).

- Purple is currently Out of Stock. Order will not be taken on Purple until I can order more.

In other news, I've been sketching up all the new winter designs and I'm getting SO excited to start working on them! I have a few new items to pattern up but it shouldn't be too much trouble. Time to order new materials! :D

Expect to see some teasers soon. Maybe I'll post some sketches :)


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