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Last Stop!
This Week's Shipments

Monday Shipment:
 WillowRain's Commission, Loki's Mom, Mizunotsubasa, [Etsy] Black Cat Set
Wednesday Shipment: [Etsy] Pink Cat Hat, [Etsy] Tan Owl, [Etsy] Lt. Brown Owl, [Etsy] Moogle, Kadepie, Lana

I still have a few available, but this will be the last chance for shipments before Halloween! If anything, I might be able to get a shipment in on Thursday but that one might not make it in time depending on where you live! (There's still a good chance though).

After that I'm going to take a bit of a rest to recuperate, while only working on Bugs' Lambie hat. I'll only need a few days but it's really necessary to get myself back up and running at full capacity. I've been lacking on good solid sleep, and really feel like I'm starting to come down with something. I'm hoping it's just a combination of dank weather and lack of sleep, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Then I'm thinking....

1. Finish up the designs I started: I meant to have a Zombie and Skull Hat up for Halloween, but it just didn't happen. Granted these designs might not even come to fruition but I may as well try! What do you guys think- Do you want a Zombie and Skully Hat, OR should I save them for next Halloween? 

2. Dino Tails! I've been putting them off for Logaeth's Sheepie SD hat, but I think its about time to get to work on it. I've been secretly sketching out designs and I'm REALLY excited about these. The only thing I'm definitely NOT excited about? Sewing millions of tin little dino spikes... by hand -_-;

3.Dragon Wings/ Monster Booties: These are a bit tougher. The dragon wings... I have two designs in mind. One of them follows the current over the top fluffy kid-in-a-costume style. They'll be similar to the butterfly wings kids are always wearing.The other will be more realistic and take much more time. These are going to be sculpted and magnetic...and much more fierce. I'm not sure how soon I'll get these in the works, but I'm really dying to get some sculpting time in! As for the booties, I have a general idea but I know the pattern-making will be a pain in the butt. Give me a bit of time and we'll see what I come up with.

4. Winter Designs! (And a REALLY cool Limited Edition Themed Set) I'm so psyched for these designs. Like really. They will be over the top awesome-ness. Arggghhh I wish I could just let the cat out of the bag and tell the world but....I must try my best to hold it in! These sets WILL be a bit more extravagant so they will also be a bit more expensive. Well worth it though. On top of those Limited Edition sets I'm going to release a few snowy items and some Basic Winter Hats (you know the cute little ear-flappy hats with the pompoms). I expect to have these up at the end of November, or beginning of December *crosses fingers* ....just in time to clear up my schedule and start on Pukifee hats!

Phew...that's a list. Anyway, just a short break and it's back to the workbench!


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