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Monday Shipments
Ok guys, Halloweenie Restock was a success... well as much as it could be with my terrible time management and bad luck XD

Any purchases between Yesterday (Oct. 22nd) and Monday Morning (Noon), will be shipped out Monday Afternoon. This includes:  All previous commissions, Loki's Mom, Mizunotsubasa, and Lana. If you live in the United States, expect to see your package sometime around Wednesday or Thursday!

Shortly, I'm going to be posting all unpurchased hats up on Etsy since a lot of people prefer that method of shopping to the board threads. If you're planning a purchase for Halloween, try to get it in before Monday at noon. :D Domestic shipments sent out Monday are guaranteed home for Halloween. After that, the next post trip is planned for Wednesday Oct. 27th. This grouping should make it to you in time for Halloween, but I can't promise anything. After that, the chances of an item making it to you for the big day becomes very slim unless you upgrade your shipping type.


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