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Halloween Restock!
Well... I entirely forgot that the sun sets much sooner in the fall -_-; so I lost light really quickly by the time I had a chance to photograph, haha. I got as much done as humanly possible with the lighting conditions, but I'm still going to have to re-shoot tomorrow.

Anyway, I updated the Commission thread with the new designs and the sale thread with all of the hats that are ready to ship (sans a few designs that were not finished) so call dibs on the ones you want quick! I'll be updating the etsy hopefully tomorrow, so after that all is fair game, so this is your chance. You will find:

-3 Dinos: Lime with Magenta Spikes, Aqua with Lime Spikes, and Purple with Lime Spikes (I'm low on teal x_X)
-1 Purple Dragon
-2 Black Cats
-2 Yellow Cats
-1 Pink Cat
-1 Panda
-2 Moogles

-2 Owls
-2 Bats
-1 Sheepie
-1 Gir (Finishing and re-shooting tomorrow!)
-1 Werewolf
-1 Mummy

That's enough chatter..here's your daily dose of cute!

Sheepies will be available as a constant design for commission. These hats are made from an extra luxurious fluffy yarn that give them a bit more stretch and is oh, so soft to the touch. I seriously adore petting this yarn! Right now, one is up for grabs on the board, after that you'll have to commission!


My big bad wolf. This little girl is definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing. I'm really going to have a hard time letting this hat go, I love it so much! This Limited Edition Werewolf hat is only available this Halloween season, and surprisingly only ONE was made. No more. Mainly this was not due to the design, but rather the material. The yarn was extremely expensive in comparison (one ball was only enough for one hat!) and very difficult to work with. The tuft-iness was out of control and made stitching difficult... not to mention that the yarn needed to be split before using which took a good hour and a half! Oy. Nevertheless, it turned out fantastic. Sadly, only one is available, and I will not be making more.


Little owlies will be available as a constant design for commission. Right now I have these two up for sale, but on commission the possibilies are endless- Pick your base color, pick your eye and beak color, pick your stitch color. They are just too cute!

Black Bats will be available as a constant design for commission. I have two ready to find homes! These adorable little Halloween themed hats feature tiny little batty ears and adorable little thick felt wings! You have the option to have the wings blacket stitched or edged with sticker paint. You can also opt out for black craft foam or polar fleece wings if you are interested.


My big finale- The super creepy mummy monster.This item is a limited edition and will most likely never be reproduced, because it was a ton of work... but well worth it. To start, the hat is crocheted from an off-white creme fluffy yarn. I then cut, hand dyed and distressed many many strips of muslin and attached them to the hat individually in an overlapping fashion. The hat was then stitched around the entire edge to better secure all the strips for extra heavy duty durability. I also took care to tack a lot of the strips at key crosspoints to keep them in place. Finally, a few extra strips were sewed on and allowed to hang down for that 'unraveling mummy' affect. While the strips are distressed and freying, they are secured quite well.  This hat comes with extra wrist wraps that you can tie to your little one to top it all off.


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