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New Yarn Colors & A Sheepie Hat!
I finally got my yarn order cleared up, and 2 shipments should be in the mail by tomorrow. I will order the third as soon as I get the shipping invoice :) This means, not only will I hopefully get them in time to do an exciting Halloween themed Etsy restock, complete with new designs, but soon we're going to have tons of new options for you!  Here's a sneak peak.


1. Sand                                                                 9. Soft Brown
2. Sea Glass/ Light Teal                                       10. Lake Blue                           
3. Rose                                                               11. Hot Pink - Next Shipment
4. Pure White                                                      12. Light Creme/ Off-White
5. Taupe/ Light Brown                                           13. Chocolate - Next Shipment
6. Bamboo - Next Shipment                                  14. Black
7. Raspberry (Extra Fluffy)                                    15. Red - Next Shipment
8. Pure White (Extra Fluffy)                                   16. Vanilla

SD Pattern Update!

Here's a teaser of Logaeth's SD sheepie hat. It's made using color #8 so its fluffier than the average yarn and so very soft. I think it really gives it that lambie-look... and is super adorable! Any hat's made using my Extra fluffy yarns are slightly thicker, and more stretchy so they really compensate for those extra bulky wigs, or odd sized heads. He still needs his ears (I just made temp ones for the photo!) and stubby little horns but it's mostly complete!

So this means that yes, I now have a pattern for SD hats in two sizes- Standard Fit (for Regular Heads with Average Wigs or Smaller Heads with any Wig Thickness) and Large Fit (for Bigger Heads with Average Wigs or Regular Heads with Bulky Wigs... or if you just want that over sized look!). I  probably won't be producing these in my store on a regular basis, so they are only available on commission request.

I can't wait to see this on her boy! It's TOO cute.

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what beautiful colours.

do you think #9 has a base with #5 for the mane would be cute. I hope to see your lion style

Edited at 2010-10-07 03:15 pm (UTC)

The colors are good but I'd have to try #5 as a mane. It might be too stringy, but it's worth a shot. I have two yarns I might use as mane colors that aren't pictured.

Currently I'm working on a Halloween restock full of Halloween-type designs, but after that my next design stock will be Zoo Animals. Of course, I don't want to give away too much ^_~

not to worry, I just hope to see some lion designs you mentioned on DOA

(i'm mizunotsubasa over there)

Yep, they're coming! And they are going to look SO cute!!

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