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Evil Yarn Suppliers
Ugh.... ordering this yarn is a nightmare.

Not only do I have three different companies to deal with, one of them just HAS to be problematic. Sure they have hard-to-find yarn that I need need need, but their site is a pain in the you know where. The thing has timed out at least three times while I try to complete my order and when it FINALLY goes through and I get that glorious "Thank you for your order", what do I find? TWO order confirmations in my email with TWO different order numbers -_-; I do not need duplicates of everything! Argh. To top it off, neither order is showing up in my account information.

I quickly began to panic and emailed their customer service explaining the issue hoping to avoid BIGGER problems later. As of yet, I've only been billed once, but the night is still young. The order emails are 10minutes apart, because I legitimately sat there for at least that amount of time twiddling my thumbs hoping that it would go through and be more than an "almost too good to be true" yarn supplier. If there is still only one billing tomorrow morning, I'll be able to safely say, that I avoided a bunch of annoying calls with their lousy customer service center, and my own bank.


EDIT: Oy. So I wake up and what do I find? FOUR charges for the same amount. No new emails. -_-;  I call CS and they can't find any orders, and say their order numbers start with a 5 (whereas mine start with 2s). Then, they can't find my account. Finally they put me on hold to go talk to a superviser and when they come back, tell me that those numbers are temporary and it looks like only the first is the real one. Of course they also said that they won't be able to view it for another hour or two because it hasn't come through on their screens yet. Awesome, then why am I being charged four times? I don't care that they are "pending" it shouldn't even have been attempted four times. I honestly think they told me to call back in an hour when the order should show up just to give them time to fix their issues. This is such a headache.


I hear they have TERRIBLE customer service and sometimes insanely long shipping waits. Hopefully I don't have to wait a million years for my order or have to deal with their service center, like I've been hearing >_>

Aside from that, my other orders should be fine. I'm waiting on an invoice for my lovely lovely earth tones... and I'm not placing the third until I hear more about the first since a few of those items are dependent on me receiving the other order within the coming week. YAY Halloween yarns :D Sadly, if the evil site isn't going to get me my yarns before too late into the month, I'm going to have to toss out my Halloweenie designs and cut the rest of those supplies out of the last order. No point in ordering more Halloween supplies if the evil site is going to ruin it all by shipping late.

Cross your fingers for my sanity :(

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