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The Tale of the Ugliest Wig
Oy, has life been hectic. -_-; In yarn news...

1. SD Pattern - I've been working diligently on an SD pattern for Logaeth. While I have the borrowed head, you can imagine how stressful it is attempting to size knowing you have to leave enough room for hair! I'm so worried about it fitting correctly! So in my meager attempts to ghetto-rig something to estimate the spacing, I managed to make, legitimately, the WORST looking wig ever created. Since I had some scrap fur laying around that wasn't being used so I figured... "why not?".

This fur is short, super synthetic, pure white material and feels really gross to the touch. But not only that, oh no no; The wig is entirely wonky. I downloaded a pattern for an SD wig...which I must have printed wrong or something? (Though I don't see how because the scale was correct.) And it came out about two to three sizes to big. Since I wasn't about ready to keep the thing for sentimental value, I just started chopping till it looked about right. To top it all off, I didn't waste time sewing it together so it's just pinned with a hundred or so tiny little pins. So yeah... the thing fits decently, but gosh is it ugly.


Despite this, I am very close to finishing. I think the sizing is pretty good, though I might add two more stitch increases just for good measure. Logaeth is going to check it out tomorrow  and let me know what she thinks. After that it should, be smooth sailing. *patpat* "It's ok, Mr. Head."

2. New Yarn -  This afternoon, I went to a new craft store that I don't really visit much (I think I've been there once total, and that was 2-3 years ago.) The only reason I was even visiting this store was because I had heard they might have one of the yarns I'm looking for. So I walk in, find the yarn section and I honestly though I started hearing angels singing. Can you say, Yarn Heaven? They had SO many beautiful off brand yarn that the main chains don't carry, so I think I've officially found my new go-to store. They had so many yarns I would love to try for various hats that it was a bit overwhelming.. I definitely will go back in the future when I have more money on hand! (The prices were quite high! >_<). I did however to find a very very soft mildly plush brown yarn that I couldn't pass up so I'll be testing that out in a few days :D

Now, they didn't have the specific yarn I was looking for in the right colors, but I was able to confirm that the yarns I found from online sellers, WILL work perfectly. So this means I will definitely be ordering my new stock in a few days so if you haven't please please please fill out the survey. I'll be basing my order on that! Here's the link if you can't find it: ello-monster.livejournal.com/2657.html

3. My Current Commissions - Don't worry guys, I haven't forgotten about you! I'm coming up on the one week mark tomorrow, and I'm just about done. :) I just need to put everything together and wrap it all up, so they should be in the mail by Friday at the very latest!

I'm going to try and post some photos tomorrow... I'm feeling like this blog has been far too text-y lately.

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