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Working Hard
Working working working this weekend. If things goes as planned all active commissions will be finished and ready for shipment and wait-listed people will be moved up.

Lately, I've been tinkering with a few ideas, and anyone who knows me knows that ideas are by no means, EVER small.
1. Limited Edition Designs. A few of these require all new patterns so hopefully I will find time. These releases will be themed and oh-so-cute. (Sorry I can't divulge more. When it gets closer to release day, I will post teasers.)

2. Dino Tails, Dragon Wings, and Monster Booties. The first two were in the works before Opening Day but didn't make the cut. I'm still slowly working on them but it's still going to be a while until they make an appearance. And now a few people have suggested Monster Booties so I can ignore the idea no longer.... I'm going to have to come up with a pattern.  Anyone who buys a fullset earns a discount on the purchase of one of these accessories.

3. Bigger Sized Hats  - A few people have asked about MSD and SD sized hats. I'm still a while away from purchasing an MSD (I'm too obsessed with tinies!) and I don't have any plans for and SD, so I'm considering taking measurements and making mannequin heads. This way all you MSD and SD owners don't have to be left out when it comes to our Closet Monster Army. Any feedback, suggestions or offers to help with this endeavor are welcomed.*

4. Pukifee and Lati Yellow Hats - I had been planning to wait until my own Pukifee was in my hands before attempting to size the hats for this specific head, but thinking about making mannequins has got me itching to work on PKF hats (plus I get daily cries for Pukifee hats!). I've considered either buying a sleeping face off the marketplace and constructing a mannequin or taking measurements from the PKF owners out there. I really wish I knew someone close to home who could help with testing! Once again any feedback, suggestions or offers to help with this endeavor are welcomed.*

*Anyone who offers to help with the process will receive a substantial discount on one of the designed hats! I live in the Chicago-land area, in case anyone also lives in the area and is willing to let me annoy them with the process/ try out protoype hats on their doll OR have a spare head in these sizes that I can borrow (we can work out some sort of collateral or paperwork if needed).

Well that's it for now. I'll have an update later this weekend, AND the first hats should be arriving at their homes so hopefully we will be seeing some owner photos!

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