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Restocked for Spring!
Hey all :D

I know things have been beyond quiet on my side of the net. Life has been so busy, that I just couldn't keep up with demand (not to mention updates!) but I'm back with a whole mountain of hats! 50 in fact :D But I have even more good news... Pukifee/ Lati hats are finally here!!

Everything is up on etsy as of April 12th at 2pm CST (though I still have more in stock which I'll be adding later on- I made doubles of some designs. so keep an eye out). Funds made from this stock are going toward supplies for the upcoming charity drive in May and June :)

Other News:
- I will be closing the waitlist on commissions soon so that I may catch up before summer. As some of you know, I will be going on hiatus this summer (most likely during the end of June, and again in August), so I'd like to finish everyone's orders before then. Everyone currently on the list will receive their items before I go on hiatus. I cannot promise the same for names added after April.

- I will be running a charity drive in honor of my Grandmother who passed a few years ago due to complications with diabetes. She is my greatest inspiration when it comes to crochet, and I know she would have absolutely adored my dolls, so it really pains me that I can no longer share these things with her. Now my uncles have been diagnosed as well, so it's time to take a stand and help the world push toward a cure. I will be creating a line of magnetic Pukifee (and Littlefee) sized insect wings that will come paired with a matching tutu and hat in honor of my Grandmother (Her favorite thing in the whole world was butterflies ^_^). I will also have pendants available for those without dolls who want to help this cause. But more news on that later this month!

- The delayed Wonderland sets will be joining the sale either at the end of summer or beinning of fall. A percentage of these sales will go toward FMSC.org.

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New Year Updates
Sorry I've been a bit absent, catching up on Christmas and holiday orders sure is stressful!

- All Christmas orders have been shipped and recieved
- All active commissions will be in the mail by the end of this week.
- New Etsy orders will be in the mail Friday.
- Waitlisted Commissions will be moved up next week.

In other news, I have a new big Limited release coming up in a few weeks! All the patterning kinks are currently being worked out, supplies have been purchased and production has started! I'm really excited for it :D I'll release a bit more info in about a week but for now I'll say it will be very....wintery and full of WONDER. ^_~

This release will be done on a pre-order basis, with only 5 sets per design being available (due to the amount of labor and supplies necessary to make them). Sets will include a type of 'hat', something to keep your little one warm in the winter weather (and in the case of animals...usually a pair of mittens), plus a little trinket related to the character! Expect prices to be somewhere in the $30-45 range depending on the complexity of the set.

To keep this a little more colorful here's some eye-candy of the latest custom design I created on request...

A little late, but we won't get into that XP It's all up on DoA! I'm still working on getting it up on Etsy. Please bear with me (not like anyone is awake anyway...)

Here's the newbies!

(Also available in tan w/ lt. brown blushed antlers!)
More Under the Cut!Collapse )

Restock Dec 7th!
Hello all!
I'm sorry that I've been a bit absent Working hard on new things plus the holiday season makes for one busy little... elf? Don't worry though! Tomorrow evening, December 7th there will be a bit of a Christmas restock on DoA and Etsy! Expect things to be up sometime between 6 and 8pm (hopefully!)

*Please note that no shipments will be going out this week. All Etsy and DoA purchases will be shipped the following week.

We have plenty of old designs that have been frosted and snow-ified as well as a few new friends! Expect to see some snow kittens, polar bears, frosty pandas, and frost dragons, but it's our new winter friends are extra adorable! Reindeer, Penguins, Snowy Owls and even a Raccoon! Don't miss it! (I may be updating Etsy and DoA with a few more items later in the week if I can manage it! Working on an adorable SD Bear hat ^^)

I will also be posting a few "create your own" listings. These will be for plain, basic winter hats...for those of you with more mature kiddos. You'll be able to choose beanie or hood/ aviator style, pick the color, decide if you want to add a stripe or two, and even add a pompom! My colors have expanded significantly, so there should be something there for everyone!

Unfortunately, things around here are a bit crazy so any items that currently aren't completed or aren't noted to be shipped in time for christmas (I'm set aside time for a set number of 'create your owns' and commissions) will not be completed and/or make it to you in time for the big day. If however your item IS finished in time, you can choose to upgrade your shipping type to allow delivery before Santa arrives. No problem though, a little bit of Christmas is welcomed everyday... who says you can't get presents after Christmas? ^_~

Expect BIG things in January.

Current Commission list as of Dec 6th:
-Reality_Chaser (DoA- LTF)
-Sumomo123 (DoA- SD)
-Juja (DoA- LTF)
-Kadpie (DoA-LTF) *Waitlisted/ Contacting*

New Colors!!
All the new colors have been posted! Here they are :D

10, 12, 13 not available until Dec 10th (Currently being shipped!)
14, 15 and X2 currently not available. Ordered on request.

I have a few more left to photograph but nothing big. Mainly PKF yarns for the coming tiny hats!
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