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A Million Point To-Do List
Oh such grey days we have now D: Hopefully this makes for very productive days as well! While, the desire to spend the warm days and nights outside is fading, I think its being slowly filled by that of sitting cuddled up on the couch in warm PJs with a giant blanket cocoon ^_~ Hopefully I can do all that and still work on all my new designs, current commissions and a nice Halloween restock. *crosses fingers*

My goals for today, tomorrow and the rest of the week include:

- Stop at the yarn store for some ultra lambie yarn for Logaeth's ADORABLE SD sheepie hat. Once I have that in tow, I should be able to whip up a hat based on the pattern quite quickly. Sure it means extra work but how can it not be worth it when lambies are SO darn cute?! I'm a bit excited about this. I've heard some pretty terrible reviews on the frustration this yarn brings but its so very perfect that I need it to work... no matter how difficult it is to use! And so that leads to the second part of this bullet; Work on Logaeth's Sheepie hat!

- Stop debating over my yarn order and just place it already! I really have some great ideas I'm dying to try out (including one I've perfected and now am just waiting on the proper color). I'm thinking that I'll order yarn in: Chocolate (Dark Brown), Taupe (Light Brown), Sandy Tan, Lake Blue, Bamboo Green, Seaglass, Rose, Vanilla, and Cream. Oy thats alot. Then hopefully in a few weeks, I can also close the deal with a few private suppliers for the Hot Pink, Crimson and Dark Grape. ...And restock my White fluffy baby yarn. -_-;

- It's nearly Halloween...my favorite time of year; The time of year when the Monsters come out to play! In honor of this celebratory time, I am really really really trying to get some Halloweenie designs out so all the little ones out there can dress up in adorable little costumes. This also means a huge restock. Unfortunately, in order to get them to their respectful homes in time for Halloween, they need to be shipped at least a week before the date. ...Which means I need to be completely done restocking the store BEFORE then. 2 week deadline? Let's see how far I can get.

I wouldn't be too worried if it was just crocheting up a million hats.... it's the many many photo sessions, hours of photo editing and tons of time spent listing that really irks me. D: But it needs to be done. Mainly because I have THE CUTEST little toys for the Halloween goodie bags I'm sending out with all October orders. Man, I love Halloween.

- Start on current commission list. The little ones of two girls depend on me to get them ready for Halloween!

Man that's one huge to-do list. I'm a little frightened.

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