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Yarn News
Hello all! Thank you to all that have filled out the survey! If you haven't yet, please do :)

I'm feeling a bit better so I should get a bunch done this weekend! Currently I'm trying to decide on which swatches to order ... yarn prices are making me cringe right now -_-;; I was REALLY excited to find a new range of colors (even more than are found in the survey!) However many of them are discontinued so I don't have much choice; it's either now or never! If you have any input on specific colors that you want or would love to see in production please don't hesitate to send me a message! Other than that, I'll be basing choices on my personal preference/ design plans and the results of the survey. :)

These new yarns have the same fuzziness that hides stitches well and creates a single complete fabric, most similar to that of the black I've been using for cats and dragons. (Feels like a very fine terrycloth) The extra fluffy yarns have the feel of a thicker Minky fabric.

**Fluffy White Yarn is currently [low]**


As for commission news, I'm working full time on the two DoA commissions and Logaeth's SD pattern. Other than that I still have one slot open if anyone is interested in commissioning something!

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