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Yarn Hunting and Some BIG Hat News
Tomorrow (well by now, later today XD) I'm going super yarn hunting to try and find more yarn that's suitable for these adorable little hats in a larger array of colors... as well as stocking up on a few colors that are getting pretty low. I have a few ideas of brands that might work but it's always hard to tell *crosses fingers*

And now, the bigger news...

Loagaeth from DoA, is GRACIOUSLY letting me borrow an spare SD head that she has laying around to come up with a pattern for SD sized Closet Monster Hats!! If everything goes well, I should be able to tailor the base pattern to accommodate the larger size without TOO much trouble and have SDs as an option within a few weeks. Anyone dying for an SD sized Closet Monster Hat should seriously thank her, because without her extremely trusting and super awesome gesture this would never had been able to happen!

Thank you, Loagaeth!!!

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