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Well things sure did go fast! We just sent our first round of packages out this morning so if you managed to snach up one of the hats, it should be home to you by Saturday! (Out of country packages may take a bit longer). To top it all off, the first comission hat managed to meet the deadline as well. :D 

Sadly I was in a bit of a rush so no celebratory photo of all the adorably wrapped packages. But trust me they were CUTE! I had a bit of a squeal looking at them ^^. Also, to celebrate our grand opening, we have included a small token of our appreciation! We hope you enjoy the surprise! (We have quite a few left so we will be including them in all packages until we run out! I will consider this an extended Grand Opening Party, whoo hoo!)

In other news, the rest of the paid commissions should be done by the end of the weekend, in time for our early week shipment. After that, unless we get a few more orders, I will get to work on a restock for our etsy store. Please keep in mind that we do have a few lonely hats still up on etsy looking for good homes. *hint hint*

I'm so excited to start seeing all of your lovely action shots! <3

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